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Kindergarten screening takes place each fall.

All kindergarten students will participate in activities called the Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI), administered by Kindergarten Gifted teachers from the Rockwood Gifted Program.

  • The activities are based on the work of Bertie Kingore.
  • There is a total of four activities utilized for this screening process.
  • The activities take place during the normal school days at the student's school.
  • The activities take approximately 30 minutes each and focus on students' creative and critical thinking abilities.
  • Students who meet gifted criteria on at least three out of the four activities will be recommended for further individualized evaluation.
    • Parent of students who meet the criteria will receive a letter once all activities have been completed in their child's school.

Further Evaluation

Students who obtained at least the 95th percentile on the fall administration of the STAR Early Literacy assessment will advance to the final step, IQ testing. Students who met criteria on the KOI lessons, but do not have a qualifying achievement score will be given an individual achievement test. If minimum criteria are met on that assessment, then IQ testing will be scheduled.

Individualized Assessment

Students who meet KOI and achievement criteria are eligible for the final step, cognitive ability testing. This will be administered sometime from October through the first week of January and parents will be notified of the IQ testing appointment date. A minimum score at or above 132 in the following areas: Full-Scale IQ, General Ability Index, or Non-Verbal Index on the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence-Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV) or the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition (WISC-V). Psychometrists will determine the appropriate assessment at the time of testing.

Students that have met screening, testing, and individualized cognitive ability criteria will be notified of the outcome, in writing, at the end of the semester during winter break. Students meeting the aforementioned criteria will be eligible to begin CCL kindergarten in January.

Rockwood students who were not present during the fall screening activities may be nominated by a parent or teacher during the second semester.

  • Forms may be obtained by contracting your child's school counselor or the CCL Identification office. Nominations are due by February 1.
  • Only students who were not present during the fall KOI lessons may be nominated.
  • Students who enroll after February 1 are eligible to be nominated in the fall in first grade.

Private, Parochial, or Homeschooled Kindergarten

Kindergarten students who reside in the Rockwood School District boundaries but attend a private or parochial school, or who are homeschooled, may be nominated by a parent or teacher to be screened in the fall for further evaluation. Please contact the ID Office at 636-891-6550 to obtain more information. Referred students will be screened and those meeting the screening criteria will be recommended for further testing.

  • Students will be screened using activities from the Kingore Observation Inventory (please see description above) administered by Rockwood Gifted Program teachers. Those meeting criteria will move on to individual achievement testing.
  • Students moving on to individualized assessment will be given the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA-3). Criteria for this academic achievement assessment must be at or above the 95th percentile in either reading or math, and the 80th percentile in the other area to advance to the final step of assessment.
  • Students that have met the Kingore Observation Inventory and the academic achievement portion will be recommended for a cognitive ability assessment (refer to information from above).

Future Evaluations

  • Students not moving on to the cognitive ability (IQ) assessment round will be eligible for nomination/screening in first grade.
  • Students receiving a cognitive ability (IQ) assessment will be eligible for nomination/screening in second grade.