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Grades 1-5

For grades 1-5, the process for identifying gifted students begins when a student exhibits a qualifying score on the appropriate universal screening assessment or when they have been nominated\referred with qualifying scores. Students qualifying for gifted services are determined when they have met all three criteria. Criteria, as defined by the state and followed by the Rockwood Gifted Programs qualifying scores, are as follows:

Criterion 1

General Mental Ability-full-scale or index scores on an individual intelligence test. A minimum score at or above 132 in the following areas: Full-Scale IQ, General Ability Index, or Non-Verbal Ability Index on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V) or Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales (SB-V). The cognitive abilities assessment will be selected by the psychometrist at the time of assessment.

Criterion 2

Academic Ability-A nationally norm-referenced test A minimum score at or above the 95th percentile in either Reading or Math and a score at or above the 80th percentile in the other subject on the fall or winter STAR assessment, or a score at or above the 95th percentile on the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA-3).

Criterion 3

Creativity, Reasoning, and Problem-Solving AbilityResults of valid assessments measuring any of the aforementioned areas. Kindergarten and 3rd Grade: Meets gifted criteria on 3 or more activities on the Kingore Observation Inventory (KOI) Grades1, 2, and 4-12: A minimum score at or above on either the Cognitive Abilities Assessment (CogAT-Brief) or the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (KBIT-2).

Criterion 4

Other-Documented evidence of exceptional performance in a general academic area related to the design of the gifted program. The Rockwood Gifted Program utilizes work samples and a gifted characteristics checklist. This area is only used in grade 3 and while completing case studies. Students must meet screening and individualized assessment qualifying scores in order to be recommended for gifted services. Students recommended for gifted services will begin gifted education services at the semester.