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Top Five Tips for Volunteers

  1. Meet the principal and get to know your school.
    Rockwood has welcoming, safe and supportive schools. Share your contact information by filling out the school volunteer registration form. Be sure to get the school contact information as well.
  2. Create a checklist.
    You will need some information to be a school volunteer. Your school will share with you the following details:
    • Days and times you're expected
    • Opportunities for volunteers
    • Procedures for volunteers
    • Building layout and parking facilities
    • What is expected of students
    • Fire drills and safety procedures
  3. Just ask!
    Let the school know if you need more instructions in order to perform a task. Help establish good communication with the teacher and the school so you'll be comfortable with your volunteer assignment.
  4. Enjoy the students.
    Understand that their backgrounds, family values, manners and vocabulary may be different from yours. By sharing time and caring, you are making a difference for children.
  5. Always remember that you are appreciated!
    The teachers, staff members and students value your time and all you give to schools.