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Teaching and Learning Model

The Rockwood Gifted Program Teaching/Learning Model describes the overall instructional focus of the gifted program. The model is best interpreted as follows. Within the context of real-world challenges (outermost area), the program targets five core skills (innermost area):

  1. Information Processing
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Systems Thinking
  5. Communication

In order to teach those skills, the program offers an advanced, integrated curriculum that encourages innovative thinking and incorporates media literacy, and differentiation (the first circle surrounding the innermost area). Implementing the curriculum effectively requires setting up a supportive environment that includes collaboration, responsibility, and social/emotional development (the second circle surrounding the innermost area). That environment is designed to nurture individuality, promote self-confidence, and enhance student capacity to learn from and impact the world around them (arrows outward).