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January 1985

Kathy Peckron is appointed to the newly created position of "Talented and Gifted Resource Teacher." She is responsible for developing and implementing the district's gifted program.

August 1985

Key objectives for the 1985-1986 school year are establishing a Gifted Resource Center at each elementary school and providing staff development about the special needs of gifted students.

January 1986

A total of 174 Rockwood students in grades 4-6 are identified as gifted and are served by the Talented and Gifted Program.

August 1988

The first Parent Handbook is produced to welcome families to the gifted program and to provide information about the program's mission, procedures, curriculum, and instructional focus.

December 1989

A proposal to start a junior high and senior high gifted program is submitted to the superintendent. The proposal is approved and students begin receiving services in the 1990-1991 school year.

January 1990

A proposal to start an elementary "Center" is submitted to the superintendent. The proposal is approved for the 1990-1991 school year. The "Center for Creative Learning" opens in a wing of Ridge Meadows Elementary School and serves students in grades 1-6.

September 1990

The first edition of the program newsletter, "TAG Times," is produced. Ten years later, the CCL newsletter gets a new look and a new name. It is called "Center Piece" and its first issue is September 2000.

October 1990

The program's gifted population consists of a total of 499 students: 414 students from Rockwood's sixteen elementary schools and 85 students from its four junior high schools.

August 1991

The gifted program moves to its current location on Old State Road and occupies the east wing of the building. The campus is called the "Sullivan Campus" and is rented by the Rockwood School District. The property is owned by the Special School District.


During this period of time, five new components are added to the overall offerings of the gifted program: Math Component, Art Component, Connections, TREASURES, and Summer Enrichment. Ten years later, a Kindergarten Component and Exceptionally Gifted Resource Component are added to the program.

June 1997

Ownership of the Center for Creative Learning is officially transferred from the Special School District to the Rockwood School District.

January 1998

The CCL-PTO is formed. At its first official meeting on January 7, pro-tem officers were elected: Sam Maraldo, President; Linda Hardin, Vice-President; Tammy Donelson, Secretary; LeeAnn Clement, Treasurer. The teacher liaison was Kathleen Hager.

May 1998

The CCL's first hardcover yearbook is published. This student-produced yearbook, entitled "Our Wheels are Spinning," contains an accompanying CD.

July 1998

Linda Smith is appointed Coordinator of Gifted Programs for the Rockwood School District.

March 2000

The Dr. Kathy Peckron Art Gallery is dedicated. This dedication is part of the year-long activities celebrating the gifted program's 15th anniversary and the Center's 10th anniversary.

May 2000

Center for Creative Learning students produces the program's first literary magazine. It is entitled, "TAG, You're It!"

June 2000

In its accreditation report, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education commends the Rockwood School District for serving gifted students in an exemplary manner.

August 2001

The Rockwood community votes in favor of the district's 2001 bond issue. The Board of Education approves a bid to construct a new wing with six classrooms at the Center for Creative Learning.

January 2004

The gifted program's new Kindergarten Component welcomes its first group of kindergarten students for the second semester of the school year.

August 2004

The program expands to a second location and opens the "CCL Primary Campus." This campus serves first and second-grade students and is located at the former Ellisville Kindergarten Center. The Old State Road campus becomes the "CCL Intermediate Campus."

January 2010

The gifted program celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its founding and the 20th Anniversary of the CCL. A public art sculpture is created at the CCL to mark the occasion.


The gifted program celebrates 30 years in Rockwood and 25th Anniversary of the CCL.