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Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to participate in CCL activities in a responsible manner.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate age appropriate maturity, self-discipline and responsibility.
  • Students are expected to show respect for the dignity of self and others.
  • Students are expected to work independently or in small groups with limited supervision.
  • Students are expected to work successfully with other students in challenging and competitive activities.
  • Students are expected to engage in behaviors that are supportive to the learning environment and do not interfere with the learning environment of others.
  • Students are expected to be respectful of the work and property of others.


Discipline policies are important for the maintenance of an atmosphere where orderly learning is possible and encouraged. Specifically, the “Rockwood School District Guidelines in the Policies and Procedures Pertaining to Elementary Students Attending Rockwood Public Schools” will be followed at the Center. If a student's behavior becomes a disruptive factor, the teacher in charge will handle it until such time that he or she feels the disruption cannot be resolved. At such time, an administrator will be consulted.