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Communication with Parents

Communication is one of the most important components in the continued success of our students, our teachers and our program. Face to face communication is often the most effective and beneficial means for sharing information. However, there are many other ways to communicate, and the Center staff attempts to maximize the options that are available. Below is a list and brief description of the approaches we use to keep parents and the community-at-large informed about the work that takes place at the Center.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be sent home with students first semester and mailed home second semester. In January and May parents will receive semester main unit and quarters two and four Kaleidoscope report cards. The report cards provide parents with information regarding how their child performed in their CCL courses.

Personal Notes and Telephone Calls

These are used by the teachers to share information with parents about their children and the progress they are making at the Center. This communication is as often initiated to share positive news, development, and dialogue about concerns and strategies to enhance success.


Parent Square is a program used by the district. A message will be sent when a bus is more than fifteen minutes late, when there is a snow day, or when important information needs to be shared.

Student Emergency Information

The CCL uses the district student database, Infinite Campus, to access student emergency information. This is the same emergency information parents provide to their child's home school. If there is any change in the emergency information listed in Infinite Campus, please contact your child's home school. It is important to report any change of email addresses, telephone numbers, address, or place of employment.